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What is the IS-DB?

The International Spectroscopic Data Bank (IS-DB) is a charitable society, which has developed an electronic database and archive for spectroscopic and associated data. All scientists are encouraged to submit data to the IS-DB, which can then be shared with the rest of the scientific community who can access it free-of-charge.

The IS-DB is collecting all types of spectroscopic data, from all spectroscopic techniques and from all disciplines, whether chemical, life or physical sciences.
Why is the IS-DB needed?

There are worrying gaps in the coverage of known chemistry by reference spectroscopic databases, which are unlikely to be filled by the activities of the commercial sector alone. The IS-DB offers the scientific community the opportunity to share their spectra and develop a vital resource for future generations. Such a collection of spectra will help to provide significant improvements in human health, new materials, environmental protection, sustainable development and educational progress.

We need your help!

Whilst we realise that you may not be able to share all your spectra, it is likely that you will have many that are not confidential and would help to make the IS-DB a truly valuable resource. Please deposit what you can. You might also like to consider depositing the spectra related to your publications when you submit them to a journal. You will be able to link from the data on the IS-DB to the journal, and with Publishers who are supporting the IS-DB from the journal to the spectral data.
We have made it easy to deposit data, but if you run into any difficulties we have set up a number of Hotlines that can help you out. You can contact us by e-mail, telephone or fax in Czech, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Who is supporting the IS-DB?

The first three years of the IS-DB have been funded by the EU through the EuroSpec project (

Others supporting the IS-DB include:
- Individual scientists
- Scientific societies
- Institutions
- Publishers

But, we need YOUR help as well. You can help by:
- Depositing spectra
- Joining the IS-DB
- Telling colleagues about the IS-DB
- Encouraging other organisations to support the IS-DB
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